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Summary of the Concept

Amtruk.org is a website designed to promote an idea for a U.S. national high-speed railroad system. We're not selling anything. We're not offering memberships. We're just going to see if we can interest folks in trying something new. If we get the right mix of people interested, we can make it happen.


New Ideas in Railroading

Amtruk.org is a plan for the railroad system of the future. Amtruk.org is a plan for a national high-speed railroad system optimized for transporting long-haul trucks by rail. Amtruk.org will pay for itself many times over.

This Amtruk.org website shows how this can be done.

You say you would rather have a national high-speed passenger service, instead? Just build Amtruk.org, collect your profits from hauling the trucks, then run your high-speed passenger trains on the same system! Instant nation-wide high-speed passenger service.

It's time to get this country back on the road--the railroad, that is!

The Vision
Have a glimpse at what a high-speed railroad system of the future might really look like:
Experience for yourself the Amtruk.org National High Speed Rail System of the future!

All Aboard!

Why is that rig driving into a passenger car? Because the train travels over a hundred miles an hour, so it must be streamlined and smoothly connected to the other cars to avoid creating air resistance. It has to be completely covered to protect the tractor-trailer inside. The windows are there to provide light and viewing for the driver who chooses to stay with his rig during the railroad portion of his hauls.

Analysis of Profitability
If you are an economist, a business analyst or are otherwise mathematically inclined, here is an economic model of how the Amtruk concept will work:
A mathematical examination of the "Amtruk" profitability

Will Amtruk.org Reduce Truck Driving Jobs?
New technology on the scale of Amtruk.org tends to shake things up. It could spell trouble for someone who drives a truck for a living. Here is a look at the possible impact of Amtruk.org on the long haul truck driver:
Is Amtruk.org Going to Threaten My Truck Driving Job?

You say we already have a system of intermodal transportation? Not like Amtruk.org. The Amtruk.org system lets the tractor and the trailer drive straight onto the railcars. The driver can go, too. And unlike today's intermodal systems, everything moves on schedule at high speed!

Amtruk.org--We need to build us one of these!

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